In the mid-fifties, after the dark years of the war and in full revival, the custom to roast coffee at home and to use coffee surrogates was abandoned. Recently founded small roasting companies joined the few traditional roasting and commercial companies remained. Alongside Italians felt like drinking a good cup of coffee, which triggered the first steps of the Italian espresso.
The consumption at the bar recorded significant increases. Even the new technological coffee machines contributed to the transformation of handicraft companies into roasters with industrial characteristics. All this created fierce competition among roasters.
It was in those years of great upheaval that cavaliere Raffaele Lionello, important and active roaster of Padova, invited several times for meetings in the headquarters of the Industrial Association of Padua, the representatives of a group of companies in the area, with the aim of bringing all in a unique partnership.

Thus was born the Triveneto Coffee Roasters Group in 1954

The first seat of the Group was Venice and in 1978 it was transferred to Trieste.
The meeting of February 23rd, 2015 decided, after more than 60 years, the change of the name into Italian Coffee Roasters Group  with changes in the Statutes, allowing thus roasters all over Italy to become ordinary members with the possibility to vote at meetings and to become members of the board of directors.

Former Presidents

Raffaele Lionello from 1954 to 1960;
Angelo Goppion from 1960 to 1972;
Armando Giordani from 1972 and on account of his death, vice-President Bruno Vidal becomes President pro-tempore till 1978;
Vincenzo Caballini di Sassoferrato from 1978 to 1998 and then Honorary President;
Sergio Goppion from 1998 to 2004;
Giorgio Caballini di Sassoferrato from 2004 to 2016; and then Honorary President;
Marino Petronio from 2016 to 2020;
Alessandro Bianchin from 2020 to 2022;
Omar Zidarich from 2022.

Past Secretaries

Dino Stefani from 1954 to 1978
Rintodo Paduani from 1978 to 2001
Brenno Paduani from 2001 to 2002
Mario Parisi from 2002 to 2004
Antonio Franciosa from 2004

In 1989 starts the monthly publication of  “NOTIZIARIO TORREFATTORI”.

Past Notiziario directors:

Rinaldo Paduani
Alessandro Ambrosi
Gianni Pistrini
Susanna de Mottoni
Alberto Medda


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